Phase 2 left us behind....
New Age Fitness in the Coming Weeks...

So, many of us were anxiously awaiting the announcement that we could move into Phase 2. And then yesterday we were told Phase 2 was coming tomorrow...and then we were told we would not be included....

I would like to say that the safety of everyone who steps through my studio doors has always and continues to be my top priority! So we will have to make due a little longer. The Governor, when speaking about Phase 2, made it unclear if the predicted five weeks of Phase 2 would be a progressive process in which gyms and yoga studios would be able to open at some point, so we are unsure of how much longer this will last. 

Regardless of where the following weeks may lead us, one thing is certain....we have made progress!! We are now able to more safely venture out of our homes for nonessential things and gather in larger groups! This opens up a lot of possibilites for us! 

I'm thinking, yoga in the park behind the studio, and maybe sometime we could even all plan to bring a picnic lunch and have a nice, social-yet-socially-distanced lunch together walks AND HIKES!! This is something I've been swearing for years I'm going to arrange and I always seem to have other things that become more pressing. 

I am closely watching the weather and anxiously waiting to start announcing some outdoor activities for us all to get together and get moving! I will send out an email and announce it on Facebook but you may also want to consider joining out  Meetup Group where you can add events to your calendar, receive notifications on your phone (including updates, cancelations, etc) as well as RSVP. Meetup is totally free and its easy to sign up.

And we, of course, will also be continuing to offer our  ONLINE CLASSES with a couple more changes which we think will better suit your needs. 

The weekly changes are as follows:

  • Due to little to no "attendance" we are canceling both of our weekly HIIT classes. We have learned that the only thing that makes it harder to get the motivation to go to a HIIT class is to find the motivation to do it at home! However, I'm reinspired with HIIT lately so I intend to bring them back to the studio when we're back!
  • Monday morning's 8am class, which was previously HIIT, will now be "Morning Wake-Up Call". I'm actually pretty excited and inspired about this class and will be putting up a description on the webpage in the next couple of days as I decide on all the elements I want it to include. I will be starting this new class on June 1st! If you guys like it, I will add more 8am sessions throughout the week and will definitely transition it into live classes once we're back in the studio, so stay tuned!!
  • I am moving Wednesday night's yoga class to Thursday night (same time, 6:30pm) so the two evening classes are more evenly spaced out and those who may be attending church on Wednesday evenings won't miss out. I am also renaming this class! The format won't change, just the name, as I've realized I am not the lady to claim to be able to teach a class called "Peaceful Yoga" so the new name will better fit the class! When we resume our "in studio" classes,  Haley Wilkens will be taking over my Peaceful Yoga class. Anyone who has been in one of her classes will appreciate why I made this decision. She is the most peaceful person you may ever meet. I will be continuing my style of yoga class, under the new name, in person as well.
  • The 10am Sunday yoga class will become a floating weekend class. Sometimes it may be 7pm on Friday, other times maybe Saturday at noon! If you guys cast some votes, I'll try my best to pick times and days that seem most popular. This is for the same reason as the move from Wednesday night, to allow those attending church to have an opportunity to "attend" our weekend class as well. This also gives us ALL more flexibility in our weekends, especially to accomodate any live outdoor classes we may have on Sunday, and it just keeps it fresh!
  • We are accumulating lots of content from previously recorded classes on our YouTube Channel so make sure to check it out!

Auto Drafts
Unless if you've already spoken to me about pausing/canceling your draft, I still have everyone set to draft again on the first of June. If your circumstances have changed and you need me to change this, please just let me know before the end of the month. I am so unbelievably thankful for all of you who have been able to and have chosen to keep supporting New Age during this time. I am dilligently working and finding creative ways to make sure I can remain in business and be here for you guys for years to come. For many of you, New Age is your "happy place." Well, it is most definitely mine too and, together, we are ensuring it will remain such! THIS WILL PASS and we will all be together again. I truly can not wait!


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